About Legacy Christian School

The world can be an intimidating place. Fear and anxiety are commonplace in today’s time, but Legacy views the challenges as opportunities to teach students that through the power of Jesus, they can “rise up.” Adversity and difficulty are simply avenues for which the power of Jesus is proved. Legacy instills a love for Christ, and faith that through Him, no one has to live in fear. We can “rise up” and be fearless in our Savior. We seek to glorify Jesus in all that we do. We work hard, play hard, and encourage one another to do our very best. Being a Legacy Lion means that we belong to a school community that is focused on our students’ development and academic success. We are family, and through Jesus, we “Rise Up.”

Our Preschool students (ages 2, 3 & 4 yr) have daily Bible study in their classrooms where they are introduced to Bible characters, learn to memorize scripture, and participate in prayer time. PreK4 students attend weekly chapel services where they will recite pledges to the American Flag, Oklahoma State Flag, Christian Flag, and Bible. They will engage in singing praise and worship songs, have an opportunity to give an offering and listen to a Bible story taught by our CFBC children’s minister.

Our Kindergarten through third grades attend a weekly, student-led chapel service every Wednesday morning. Each week a different class leads our student body through pledges to the American Flag, Oklahoma Flag, Christian Flag, and to the Bible. Our students learn The Star Spangled Banner, Oklahoma!, and various worship songs. Legacy students also sing our school song, recite our mission statement, read the quote of the week, verse of the week, recite the Legacy School Creed, and learn about our core values.

Our core values are seven statements that define what we believe. Legacy’s Chapel is taught each week by the pastors of FBC. The pastors focus on one core value each month. Concentrating on one core value for a month allows the students to fully grasp the meaning and implications of every core value. Legacy is committed to helping students grow spiritually, as well as academically.

Each week in chapel, offering is collected which helps support our sister school in Nicaragua. Legacy believes that it is important for our students to understand giving of our tithes and offerings. It is the heartbeat of our school and our belief system to serve and give to others. As Believers, sometimes it means that we have to “Rise Up,” and be willing to sacrifice financially to glorify Him. We are honored to help provide for our brothers and sisters in Nicaragua.